Tantra Terraces

URL : , Address : 7F Eastern Main Road

Venue Name Tantra Terraces
Venue Type Outdoor, Wedding Venue
Food Catering Provided, External Catering Allowed
Beverages Bar Options Available
Standing Capacity 2000
Seating Capacity 1000
Male Restroom 3
Female Restroom 3
Parking 50- Off Site Parking Lot
License CoTT Registered, Bar
DJ-External Optional
Clean Up/Breakdown Crew
  • Venue Description :

    This event space is a canvas to create countless outdoor experiences. The venue is accentuated by a perimeter of greenery while maintaining a solid surface for ease of event infrastructure. The space can be divided to comfortably accommodate multiple parts of an event, without them being isolated. The area is well lit and electrical outlets are readily available. There is a bar space that can be utilized, and there are two dressing rooms and adequate guest bathrooms.

  • Venue Rules:

    Event end time - 2am

  • Cancellation Policy:

    Cancellation of events need to be done within a reasonable time frame or security deposit will be lost.